Our processes

The vertical integration of our enterprise, allows to control every stage of production, from our farms to our sales. This traceability in our production is what gives quality and security to the clients.

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Our farms operate with water of the Sea of Cortez, obtained by a pumping system. This water, along with our good practices supervised by SENASICA, and the constant inspections of certifying institutions such as BAP and ASC, allow us to obtain a nutritious, thick and tasty shrimp.

Feed Mill

Including a small portion of fishery resources, we obtain a more sustainable formula to feed our shrimp, obtaining also ingredients free of pesticides, chemical pollution, toxins, or other adulterant substances.

Sales and marketing

Our sales structure allows us to seek and answer to our clients all over the world. In order to give a personalized attention to our clients, we count with Sales Representatives in the West and East Coasts in the United States.

We are prepared to respond our client’s necessities at any moment, for any volume, by storing our products in different cities of the US.

Processing plants

Our processing plants operate under a HACCP plan, and are located near our growth farms so we can guarantee the cold chain initiated in the harvest, vital to offer food innocuity.

We operate under the control and observation of certifying organisms and independent audits to guarantee the food safety of our shrimp.